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Andrew Kelly

Andrew founded The Well Adjusted Man following years of reading online magazines like Primer and Art of Manliness. After growing and developing with the help of these great resources, Andrew struggled to understand why others in his Australian  context weren’t channeling the profound voices of these lifestyle and self-improvement blogs.

Young Australian men need just as much help beginning their adult lives as Americans do. They need to learn how to service a lawnmower, build lasting relationships, make lasagna and confront a burglar. We all need to learn how to manage finances, choose a house, create a workout plan or buy insurance. And we all wish we were the hero who can keep a crash victim alive, survive a bushfire, or make it through a weekend in the wilderness with nothing more than the contents of their pockets.

At 21 years old, Andrew has studied psychology, social media marketing, youth development and loss adjusting. He’s received a couple of bravery medals but probably won’t tell you more than that, preferring to talk about your achievements instead. Andrew can fly an ultralight, sail a catamaran and wears all his uniforms with pride. He is passionate about helping others grow and will always invest time and energy in those who will help themselves.

Andrew finds himself on a journey of self-improvement in the pursuit of true manliness, and he’d love you to join him.


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